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Dust/Mortar is a collection of two short reflections on architecture by Dorrell Merritt, concerning the works of both Walter Segal and Werner Düttmann.
Polymath Segal is best known for his housing projects in suburban South West London, that changed the way in which Britons, and to an extent, the world saw affordable traditional-minded housing. Today his homes sell for millions of pounds, and remain a relatively untouched homage to a radical change in thought concerning British construction.

Düttmann dared to do what few architects dreamed of, earning himself a legacy as a free-thinker when he rebuilt the previously destroyed St.Agnes Church in Kreuzberg, as a Brutalist building in the mid-1960s. Now owned by König Galerie, the building has been reborn as an immersive, almost transcendental space to experience art, whilst still tipping its hat to its life before as a religious place.

The collection has been compiled within an A3 Pamphlet, which folds down to 140x99cm and features an A3 Poster of one of Segal's Lewisham homes.

Approx 1600 words in total. Printed on 160gsm silk paper, within an open edition.